You have probably suspected for some time that there is a secret to golf that the professionals know and you don’t. You are partially correct. There is a secret, but not all of the professionals know it. However, the professionals who are consistently at the top of the leader board do. Once you learn the secret, and more importantly how to apply it, you will enjoy every round of golf you play for the rest of your life, whether you are having your career round or a really bad day. Also you will very likely take 5-20 strokes off your average score depending on whether you are now shooting in the 90’s or 110’s.

Q. How can you learn the secret?

A. By reading the Colonel BogeyTM Lessons and Blogs.

Colonel BogeyTM, the mythical 19th century golfer, who scored in the mid-80’s, has returned to reveal the secret to golf and to tell you how to apply the secret to your game.

The Colonel Bogey WayTM has proven successful at improving golfers’ scores and enjoyment of the game for over 25 years. You will learn the Colonel Bogey WayTMthrough the Colonel’s six written lessons and through commentary and analysis on the Colonel’s Blog Page. There is no cost. You have nothing to lose, but needless strokes.

The Colonel Bogey™ Lessons and Blogs, Colonel Bogey Online™, The Colonel Bogey Way™ and all content of this website are the work of and gift to the golf world from Fred Emery. If you use or benefit from these lessons, please give credit and thanks to Fred Emery (1933-2015), a.k.a. Colonel Bogey. He loved the game of golf and hopes you do too.