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Least Buck ($) for the Bang

Chris Couch’s 8th place finish in driving distance on the PGA Tour in 2004 won him the uncoveted crown of “Least Buck ($) for the Bang” (LBB). Notwithstanding his driving distance prowess, Couch earned only $100,000 in 2004, barely enough to cover expenses but once again proving that driving distance is the least relevant statistic in determining success on the PGA Tour.

Couch’s performance earned him $3.01 per driving yard. Contrast this with Fred Funk who finished 192nd in driving distance but earned over two million dollars and over $40.00 per driving yard (PDY).

Couch’s competition for the LBB award among the top 10 in driving distance came from Mike Heinen ($5.14/PDY), Lucas Glover ($10.09/PDY), Scott Hend ($10.76/PDY), Chris Smith ($10.89/PDY), and Hank Kuehne ($14.60/PDY and #1 in driving distance).

In the top 25 in driving distance for 2004, Dan Olsen (#25) was Couch’s closest competitor with $3.12/PDY. Like Couch, Olsen probably barely covered his expenses for the year.