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The Hopped Up Drivers?

I heard recently that there was going to be an investigation of the drivers currently being used on the PGA Tour to determine whether some exceed the maximum “bounce” standards. One of the reasons given was that something must be wrong if Tiger Woods is 30th in average driving distance on the Tour for the first half of 2003. The PGA might as well save their money. Here’s why:

1. Of the top 40 in driving distance (averaging over 290 yards per drive) only 8 rank in the top 40 on the money list. Thirteen rank 122nd or worse on the money list and 2 of the top 40 drivers ranked 169 and 174 on the money list, each earning less than $100,000, not enough to cover their expenses for six months.

2. Mike Weir, currently number 1 on the money list (over 4 million dollars earned for his six months effort) is tied for 75th on the driving distance list.

3. Fred Funk, number 15 on the money list (over $1.5 million) ranks 177 (out of 185) on the driving distance list.

So they can investigate the long drivers all they want. They are not the ones making the money. Maybe they need to check Fred Funk’s driver to see if there is some illegal ingredient that keeps his ball in the fairway.