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Watch Phil in the Majors: 2004 Could be the Year

Colonel Bogey and many others have written many words on Phil Mickelson’s failure to win a major and his prospects for winning any in the future. Frankly, Colonel Bogey has had his doubts that Phil would ever win a major. The Colonel has changed his mind. This could be the year and this week’s Masters could very likely be Phil’s first Major. What has changed?

Phil has changed. He is now playing the kind of golf that wins major tournaments. It is not surprising that Phil is near the top (2nd as of this writing) in number of birdies per round. But it is surprising that if there were a fewest bogeys per round statistic Phil would be near the top of it too. Many commentators and writers have mentioned Phil’s “conservative play” so far in 2004. The Colonel thinks Phil’s 2004 play is conservative only if compared with Phil’s play in previous years. The phrase the Colonel would use is “smart play.”

And Phil’s smart play has paid off so far. He is number two on the money list and has not been out of the top 10 in the seven events he has played this year. So keep your eye on Phil this week because he could be donning a green jacket before it is over.

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